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Evaluation of levamisole treatment in the prevention of enteromyxosis in Sparus aura

Humoral responses. A contrary pattern of variation in serum complement activity and serum peroxidase level in recipient (both levamisole treated un untreated) fish respect to control (both treated and untreated) fish was found, with complement values being lower and peroxidase values higher in recipient fish than in controls. No clear differences were detected in levamisole treated fish in respect to non treated fish.

Cellular responses. The leucocyte respiratory burst was lower in recipient (both levamisole treated un untreated) fish than in control fish, whereas the phagocytosis and cytotoxic activities were generally higher in recipient than in untreated control fish.

Unfortunately, infection levels obtained in the cohabitation experiment were very low. Although some changes in immune factors were observed, mainly in recipient and treated fish, no clear pattern in relation to treatment and/or infection could be established. Thus, the possible role of levamisole as preventive treatment for this enteromyxosis could not be determined.

Reported by

Universidad de Murcia (UMU)
Universidad de Murcia (UMU),Dept. Biología Celular, Facultad de Biología, Campus de Espinardo
30100 Murcia
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