Service Communautaire d'Information sur la Recherche et le Développement - CORDIS

Remote data exchange and synchronisation utility integrated with the local OLP data management system & database

Using the remote exchange component, the therapists can monitor client practice through the Internet, using an advanced system to assign exercises and examine the results.

During regular sessions, the therapist can focus on the initial acquisition of correct articulation, and then assign additional intensive practice as homework. Thus the number of clients served by one therapist can be increased without sacrificing control or effectiveness of therapy.

As regards the marketing strategy, the product will be offered in combination with training and support paid services. The pricing scheme will be based on user licenses, with lower customer cost when more licenses are ordered.

The OLP access-to-service provision points will be located at the four countries of the members of the consortium (Denmark, France, U.K., and Greece) and the European market will be segmented into regions for better coverage, though the main aim is to support business partnerships and synergies that go beyond the conventional sales “geopolitics”. After the first year of OLP business operations, the product will also be available to local IT specialists and consultancies who will sell and install the software at their customers as part of a business partnership scheme that will be promoted. Heavy promotional tactics are also planned to be implemented.

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