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Speech therapy content library and search application

The Lemon and Lime Library provides a wealth of material for use with clients with articulation disorders including an articulation screening test, words systematically selected according to linguistic and phonetic criteria and fun sentences and tongue twisters. The database was initially produced for use with the OLP program but has been exploited as a useful resource in its own right. The large amount of material can be stored and accessed quickly from a CD database by filling in the required phonetic criteria on a colourful and simple screen.

This is quicker and easier than looking words up in a book and photocopying them for speech practice. The same screen allows you to design worksheets with words, pictures and instructions for each individual enabling practice material to be patient specific and look professionally produced at the same time. This versatile resource will be invaluable to speech and language therapists, teachers and students beginning to get to grips with phonetics!

A contract has been signed with Speechmark Ltd, a commercial company who produce resources for speech and language therapists and teachers. The Lemon and Lime Library is therefore already in press and will be commercially available in the 2006 Speechmark catalogue.

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