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Articulation practice software solution incorporating real-time phonetic mapping technology

This software, known as STAPTk, provides real-time visual feedback of speech articulation by kinematic map. A window is set up with target areas corresponding to paricular sounds, e.g. 'ah, 's'... As the user speaks a sprite moves around the window: the closer the acoustics is to a target sound the closer the sprite will move to that target. The underlying technology is neural nets trained to map from acoustics to x,y position. The maps may be trained for any data, in particular that recorded by a single speaker.

STAPTk is used by speech therapists to train clients to improve their articulation. In the OLP project it is linked to the OLPy software, which provides other tools and facilities for therapists.

STAPTk is of potential use outside the project for a range of applications which involve practicing speech, e.g. for second language learning.

STAPTk is the only package we know of providing this kind of software.

STAPTk is at the prototype stage.

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