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Speech recognition technology, specially designed for highly variable speech (such as spoken by persons with dysarthria)

OLP Speech Recognizer (GRIFOS) is a speaker-dependent, small-vocabulary, automatic speech recognition system. Training data can be gathered during sessions, supplementing existing databases of material from similar client cases. In early sessions, GRIFOS serves to set appropriate thresholds to control acceptability of a client's speech productions and to analyse quantitatively these productions in syllable and word context during speech therapy. In later stages, it primarily serves to evaluate client productions in continuous speech, with training material taken during the sessions.

For clients with severe articulation problems (e.g., dysarthria) unlikely to be fully resolved by therapy, GRIFOS will help stabilise production by providing feedback to increase production consistency rather than intelligibility per se.

These aspects will jointly contribute to increase (or even provide) adequate communication abilities and independence for the users of the system.

Grifos is a key feature of OLP system providing an innovative therapy tool not included in other commercial systems. Speech recognition will attract a number of potential users interested in automatic, real time feedback (from patients to therapists).

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