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Thermophysical properties of water, ice model solutions, model foods and I. Generation of systematic database to determine optimum freezing and thawing

Specific volume, specific heat capacity, thermal expansion coefficient and adiabatic compressibility coefficient of water and ice I have been have been evaluated for the development of an user-friendly software with executable programs that allow the rapid calculation of the mentioned properties at any pressure-temperature combination. Simple analytical models that permit to make an estimation of the thermophysical properties as function of pressure and temperature have been developed for model gels.

The procedure consists in assuming that the thermophysical properties at atmospheric conditions are shifted according to the shift of the thermophysical properties of water and of ice (or of their ratio). In other words, the effect of pressure on dry matter is neglected except the shift of the initial freezing point caused by pressure. These analytical models have been applied to the evaluation of enthalpy, apparent specific heat and thermal conductivity of tylose. Data on potato, pork tissue, salmon, sea bass, etc. were obtained together through calorimetry studies and the compilation of data has been done on a CD-Rom distributed by CSIC-IF in which selected thermophysical properties can be calculated for any food material after input of the corresponding water activity.

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