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Knowledge on the pathogenic effect of E. leei infection in Sparus aurata, including the histopathological damage

The histopathological study demonstrated a minor effect of the parasites in mildly infected guts, while in severe infections parasites occupied extended areas of the gut mucosa with subsequent disruption of both absorptive and osmoregulatory intestinal functions. A cachectic condition may appear in chronic infections, eventually leading to the death of affected fish. Mortality was not very high, and bacterial secondary infection may be involved in the final stages.

The inflammatory response to E. leei was usually more evident in the pyloric caeca, and involved infiltration of lymphocytes, granulocytes, eosinophilic granular cells and macrophages (eventually having engulfed degenerated stages). An increase in the number of rodlet cells was also noticed. Foci of necrosis as well as an intense inflammatory reaction with haemorrhages and desquamation of the gut mucosa were sometimes observed in severely infected fish.

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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB),Dept. Biologia Animal, Biologia Vegetal i Ecologia, Facultat de Veterinaria, Edifici V
08193 Bellaterra
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