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Protocol to obtain E. leei purified spores

A protocol for isolation and purification of spores was specifically developed by IATS, and implemented at IOLR. However, the paucity of spores in the Israeli donor fish made it necessary to modify the method, using a potassium dichromate treatment to allow for obtaining samples containing viable spores in which proliferative stages had been destroyed.

In a specifically designed experiment, it was demonstrated that infection could not be transmitted by purified spores, whereas several fish became infected after oral administration of mucosal scrapings containing different parasite stages. These results provide additional support to the hypothesis that the direct fish-to fish transmission occurs through vegetative stages and that spores are not involved in the process.

Reported by

National Center for Mariculture (NCM)
Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research (IOLR),Dept. of Pathobiology, PO Box 1212, North Beach
88112 Eilat