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Knowledge on the involvement of invertebrate hosts in the life cycle of E. leei

Only 5 out of 350 invertebrate samples (France, Israel, Greece) yielded a positive result in the PCR assay. All of the PCR-positive organisms were collected from sites in the neighbourhood of enzootic farms and belonged to Anthozoa, Polychaeta and Crustacea.

Thus, some invertebrates from the neighbourhoods of enzootic farms were positive for E. leei. Therefore, although the involvement of an intermediate invertebrate host cannot be ruled out, there is no direct evidence supporting the presence of an actinosporean stage, and the scarcity of positive samples points to a limited significance of these possible intermediate hosts in the culture systems.

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Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC)
Instituto de Acuicultura Torre de la Sal , Ribera de Cabanes
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