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Development of a multi-channel stimulation system for arbitrary stimulation patterns

An 8-channel stimulator for the application of arbitrary shaped stimulation pulses was developed. The options of constant current and constant voltage amplitudes have been implemented. The system is computer controlled via a graphical used interface. The control program runs on any PC, the stimulator has been designed and developed as a stand-alone version with RS 232 link to the PC.

The stimulator is able to give arbitrary physiological stimulation impulses. Within this stimulation system it allows preliminary investigations to define new clinical stimulation effects. This can lead to a development of new medical implants for selective blocking and selective stimulation. The areas of application are deep brain stimulation, pain therapy and incontinence.

The main advantage of the new stimulation system is an efficiently stimulation because of the arbitrary impulses and therefore a lower adaptation of the nerve system which results in a better physiological tolerance.

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