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HITRAP Résumé de rapport

Project ID: HPRI-CT-2001-50036
Financé au titre de: FP5-HUMAN POTENTIAL
Pays: Germany

A transfer beam line from cooler trap to the experimental setups for slow HCIs

The transfer beam line between cooler trap and the experimental area of HITRAP has been decoupled from the low energy transport section from the 4-rod RFQ to the cooler trap. The extracted ion beam from the cooler trap is guided via quadrupole lenses towards the experimental area through this vertical beam line assuming a maximum emittance of 10 mm mrad at 1.7 keV/u. Thus the beam optics elements can be kept compact. Detailed planning for the transfer lines has been extended with focus on vacuum requirements. The vacuum conditions are stringent for very highly charged ions and calculations have shown that the pressure has to be kept on a level of 10^-10 mbar, in order to reduce the losses below 0.1%. A vacuum concept has been worked out, which employs ion- and NEG-getter pumps and sections, which are NEG-coated. The complete low energy beam system including the HITRAP cooler trap will be put into operation at the MAXEBIS test bench at GSI Heckhalle prior to it's installation in the re-injection line. First components of the low energy beam transport lines like valves, pumps and gauges have been ordered. First schematic design drawings are completed. Now detailed design drawings of the beam lines are imminent and first parts will tested in spring 2006 with the Frankfurt MAXEBIS setup at GSI. The complete installation at the test bench of the MAXEBIS is foreseen in August 2006.

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