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Accord tangible toolkit - a software platform enabling future inhabitants to configure easily their interactive domestic environments

Result Description: The Tangible Toolbox enables future inhabitants to adapt and reconfigure the computational part of their domestic environment. The toolbox is made up of communication and configuration infrastructures as well as a set of editorial tools. Together with a set of exemplar components a variety of services can be created. Also template components are available to aid developers to create new components that can easily be integrated into the toolbox.

Dissemination: A number of scientific papers have been published and presented about the Tangible Toolbox at international conferences. The partners has also made the toolbox available at the project website, free to download and use. Already research labs such as Intel Research and Georgia Tech have expressed interest in the toolbox. Their intentions are to use it in their own research.

The toolbox is freely available at the project site and there are three levels of documentation available, users of the toolbox, those who want to develop new components and for those who want to further extend the actual toolbox.

Use potential: One of our goals with the different levels of documentation is to support several different possible user groups. Of course on such are the above mentioned research labs. Though the available component templates could easily be adopted by a Do-It-Yourself user community, which can develop and share new components among each other. Further we are actively looking for SME companies that are interested in the application domain to carry out a shared project to see how the Tangible Toolbox can influence their products.

Key innovation: The key innovation of the Tangible Toolbox is the simple composition model and the idea to empower inhabitants of future households to adapt their own computational domestic environment to their own needs.

Current status: The Toolbox is not yet ready for commercialisation, neither on a business nor on a technical level. Business wise there has been no business model developed and thus there is no ground to establish a company. Technically the toolbox is stable enough to be released outside the consortium.

Use of result: The partners of the project intend to continue the use and development of the toolbox within future projects. Also our hopes are that the toolbox will be used elsewhere in different R&D labs around the world. We have already seen indications of this.

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