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A software package for faster and more efficient argumentation-based agent negotiation

The FEEL project has developed new algorithms for negotiation between software agents, based on the notion of argumentation. These are advanced techniques, which have involved basic research and construction of laboratory prototypes. The algorithms have been tested in simulation and also have been integrated with the FEEL software. The algorithms have been published as academic papers.

Within the FEEL project, these algorithms were designed to address the particular requirements of managing intrusiveness in the pervasive computing context. In this context, their role is to conduct negotiation in order to regulate information flow.

The algorithms have much wider applicability and will be relevant in a variety of distributed computing situations. This includes other information systems applications involving users interacting with realtime information flows, as well as online negotiation within the e-business context.

These algorithms can be used as the basis for applied research in a variety of contexts and also future basic research.

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