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Demonstration of electronic devices based on metalloproteins working in air and at room temperature

We demonstrated the possibility of implementing different types of biomolecular electronic devices based on metalloproteins with functionality like rectification and amplification of electrical signals.

The results may contribute to build future alternative nanoelectronic devices.
The devices are based on silicon /silicon dioxide substrates onto which small metallic nanoelectrodes are defined by means of advanced lithographic processes and nanofabrication methods.

The proteins are chemisorbed onto the substrates. To reach this goal a strong and proficient collaboration among the project parteners has been set up in order to produce the molecules, to understand the self-assembly of the molecular layer and the chemisorption process and to investigate protein stability.

Strong enphasis was given to the set up of new protocols for the fabrication and testing of nanodevices.

Theoretical calculations and models of the transport mechanisms in protein devices were also carried out.

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