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A series of interactive craftworks designed by Jason Cleverly and KCL. They use video and artefacts to produce curious relationships between spectators and museum objects

The project included the development of a series of low tech interactive craftworks designed by the craftmaker Jason Cleverly (University of Staffordshire) in collaboration with King's College London (and in particular Christian Heath, Jon Hindmarsh and Dirk vom Lehn).

These craftworks were used to scope the design space of museums and galleries for the project. They facilitated naturalistic analyses of the ways in which people encounter, explore and appreciate them.
They also provided opportunities to use the studies of visitor behaviour to inform the design of low tech installations that aimed to engender interaction amongst visitors. They were exhibited and used by members of the public.

The series of craftworks are summarised below:
Ghost Ship. It uses combinations of video cameras and monitors to place the spectator into an artwork. It was exhibited at the SOFA Exposition (Chicago, USA) in 2001.

Keepsake. It uses a combination of artefacts and video to interweave action in different rooms within the gallery. Exhibited at Beatrice Royal Gallery (UK) in 2002.

A Chamber of Commerce. It presents live video images of activities in nearby locations in a single cabinet. It was exhibited at the Chelsea Crafts Fair (UK) in 2002.

The Universal Curator. It enables visitors to curate their own exhibition using replica museum artefacts and video technologies, so that assemblies of objects can be placed on a 'stage' and displayed on a nearby monitor. Exhibited at the Hunt Museum (Ireland) in 2003.

The Narrative Engine. It extends the concept of The Universal Curator as visitors can attach a narrative to an image of their creation. Exhibited at Shipley Arts Gallery (UK) in 2003.

Aside from their public display, analyses of the use of these exhibits have ben presented at numerous conferences and workshops, both academic and practitioner-based.

There is currently one published article summarising the analysis of Ghost Ship and Keepsake. This is:
Hindmarsh, J., Heath, C., vom Lehn, D. and J. Cleverly (in press, 2004) Creating Assemblies in Public Environments: Social interaction, interactive exhibits and CSCW. Journal of Computer Supported Cooperative Work.

Others will follow in due course.

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