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Growing up architecture: Specifications from psychology

The paper describes some concepts, which are important for the creation of autonomous agents capable of growing up. Growing up means that living systems, starting from a pre-structured set of functions, develop competence to better adapt to the environment all life long, from childhood to maturity. A living artefact grows up when its capabilities, abilities/knowledge, shift to a further level of complexity, i.e. the complexity rank of its internal capabilities performs a step forward. We want to define an architecture containing mechanisms, which play the same role for autonomous agents as the mechanisms that make humans so successful [1]. In the attempt to define architecture for autonomous growing up agents, we have been investigating the abstraction process in children as natural parts of a cognitive system. We studied deliberative and non-deliberative (emergent) mental adaptive and
growing up mechanisms. A list of functional requirements based on these concepts is then proposed.

Key-Words: - growing up, living artifacts, abstraction mechanisms, intelligent architecture, adaptable agents, epigenetic robotics.

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