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Robot Simulator in C++

A fast and simple robot simulator (version 1.8, in C++, using the Fast Light Tool Kit for the user interface. It runs under Linux or Windows. Think of it as a step forward from Olivier Michel's old Khepera simulator. This one has a separate world editor and allows circular and coloured objects; so, for example you can draw objects in the background colour and thus bite arcs and holes out of other objects. The robot has noisy IR sensors and also colour sensors, and can sense the colour it is standing on. Anything grey (that is, equal R, G and B) counts as carpet that the robot can cross. It can affect its world by dropping, detecting and picking up grey blobs, and the user can drag such blobs around too. On my 2Ghz PC the robot will do around 10,000 steps per second, where a step involves a movement, collision detection, any necessary skidding or changes due to collisions and then sensor updating.

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Napier University
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United Kingdom
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