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Database for PVD coating, die materials and lubricants

The Database for PVD coating, die materials and lubricants result is a task 2.3 of WorkPackage2 (WP2): Specifications of Coatings and Design of Test Apparatus.

The WP 2 represents the starting point for most of the technical activities carried on during the first year of project. In fact, this WP concerns all the selection and preparation of material and data needed during project, together with critical decisions on thin films demands to support the necessary stamping efforts and provide the requested surface properties. The base decisions concerning the several issues included: selection of die materials, sheet materials, lubricant oils, and a several practical tests, in this WP partners understand needs and limitations, keeping in the scope of the project work programme and objectives.

The Database is really a data collection exercise to take a snapshot of the present situation in industrial use (and constantly update by partners according to the needs), for comparison at the project end, for use in implementation across groups, and for marketing.

IPN design and producing a useable and useful database, with an emphasis on eventual industrial usefulness.

These involve a creation of a Database using Microsoft® Office Access 2003 software, where a large quantity of data has been uploaded. And during the project, all partners are responsible to upload appropriate information.

For production a Database, a systematic investigation on the materials currently used for stamping dies, the wear resistance performance of these die materials, the usage of sheet metal forming lubricants and their disposal (for a better understanding on their functional performance and environmental impacts). The collected information will be put into a database to be used for economical, ecological and technical evaluation in project end.

Searching and reporting features have also been considered and the constant update. The access to this data can be made by any of the project partners as well as the upload of new data.

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