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Development of filter material and design

PUREM has provided different standard and new material variants to the project for investigation of material- and filtration properties and aspects of processing and catalytic coating.

In a first phase of the project on material was selected, what met at best the requirements of mechanical properties, weight, size, coatability and thermal resistance to soot combustion. Plate thickness was optimised and held constant during the course of the project. In a next phase PUREM has produced new material variants to increase porosity/pore diameter/permeability to the requirements of catalytic coating. PUREM has investigated the interaction filter material/coating basically in terms of permeability decrease by coating for relevant combinations filter material/coating (without soot) and influence of washcoat loading on pressure drop behaviour with soot loading.

The result is shown as pressure drop increase vs. soot loading with increased washcoat loading applied (for specific test conditions on filter sheets). Some materials show slight advantages for higher washcoat loading even if there is a higher pressure-drop without soot. The interaction filter material/coating in respect of oxidation resistance is shown as the effect of washcoat type and washcoat loading on mass increase after 10 h at 1000°C under corrosive atmosphere. The oxidation resistance increases when the metal filter is coated with a proper ceramic washcoat. In combination with a favourable permeability characteristic ferrierite coatings with higher washcoat loading levels look very promising.

In terms of design PUREM has developed a new filter design that will particularly be suited for catalytic coated filter units. Further on this design has advantages in size resp. requirements of construction volume. Several filter systems with this design were delivered to AVL and Uni Kaiserslautern for bench tests and used for ash cleaning investigations.

PUREM plans to bring such filter systems to the market for series applications starting with EPA 2010 Heavy Duty to meet future emission levels. The market volume amounts about 300000 vehicles.

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