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Database with the model-scale vessel data

The objective of this Result was to provide a database with measured flow parameters around the hulls of two models of the vessels measured at full scale. Model tests will be required for determining of scale effects and differences in predictive capabilities of CFD-codes for model and full scales. In this way a complete data set is produced that can answer the main questions in validation of CFD predictions and scaling procedures.

The known relations between flow fields around a model and a full-scale ship give an opportunity to calibrate CFD codes. Typically, the designers will be able to perform only model tests to gather data necessary for the improvement of the CFD codes, so the knowledge of the expected scale effects will increase their confidence in the predictive capabilities of the CFD codes. The latest PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry) techniques were used to measure the 3D flow at model scale, laser sheets were used to measure the wave pattern generated by the model, furthermore the traditional resistance, propulsion and nominal wake tests were performed for both ships. Resistance, PIV, wave pattern and wake measurements were justified by the available uncertainty analysis.

The basic resistance and propulsion tests were carried out for range of 5 knots (0.5 knot steps). The stock propeller was used in propulsion tests. Streamline test for model with running propellers were carried out using paint method. Longitudinal wave cut measurements were carried out. Complete wave field, even that on and very close to the model, were measured using new laser system and a set of 4 CCD cameras. The whole system was calibrated using 7-hole Pitot tube. The pressure distribution on the model hull surface, especially in the stern region, was measured.

Additionally, HSVA has gathered the experimental data of 6 vessels where in the past model scale flow measurements have been carried out. Furthermore a detailed hull form has been given including rudders in IGES format and the main propeller characteristics. For the LDV measurements in the towing tank the three velocity components are available. The database contains the following vessels:

- Sydney Express (Lpp 210 m);
- St. Michaelis (Tanker, Lpp 174.0 m);
- Hamburg Test Case (Lpp 153.7 m);
- CVsym (CV with symmetric aft body, Lpp 133.7 m);
- Cvasym (CV with asymmetric aft body, Lpp 133.7);
- Bulk Carrier (Lpp 194m).

The database has been delivered to all partners. The delivery of this database, together with the full-scale database, is an important step in the EFFORT project, since this means that the CFD participants can use for the first time ever the full-scale and the corresponding model-scale reference data for their developments and validation as is done in WP3 and WP4.

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