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A structured LCA data inventory for the mineral's industry

The mining LCIA system concept proposed by Imperial College was divided into phases (mine production, processing, waste disposal and rehabilitation). The inventory system analysis work that followed on led to the decision to structure the database in specialised hierarchically organised compartments reflecting the variety and the level of detail required in each phase. The research partners carried out a detailed review of the mine production, beneficiation and mineral processing components of the LCIA system ensuring the technical completeness of each component but also achieving to express these in a structure compatible to the inventory analysis.

The inventory analysis for the production and solid waste disposal phases designed by Imperial College focused on energy, manpower, material, cost and gas emission variables as primary inputs/outputs for each operational unit identified. The inventory system was developed to include the variables associated with the volume and composition of the run-of-mine, the solid waste and liquid effluents. The mineral processing inventory analysis system was developed by NTUA. The flow-sheets included in the inventory analysis system cover the phases of beneficiation and hydrometallurgical treatment and the corresponding waste disposal options of the different metallic ores. In terms of cost flows the Polish Academy of Sciences developed the corresponding inventory covering preliminary, direct, indirect, by-product credit, non-operational and environmental costs.

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