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Software code for the solution of mineral processing and liquid waste management scenarios

An appropriate software code has to be developed to build up all possible scenarios for processing and waste management of the studied ores by relating the appropriate units for each case and calculate the inputs and outputs of the complete process scenario. The design criteria of this system are the following:

- Calculating all the required variables for the alternative units applicable to the production of a metal, based on the model developed for each unit.
- Taking into account the different processing and waste management scenarios for a specified metal, to select the appropriate units in order to build up a specific scenario.
- To interconnect the selected units and calculate the input and output data of the complete scenario referenced to the functional units and list the functional units and their characteristics. e.g. Functional Units of Comminution Phase
- For a specific flow-sheet, the system will calculate the input/output data for different capacities of the whole operation and ore particle size and chemical composition.
- The information a user has to provide the system is the capacity of the whole operation, the particle size and the chemical composition of the ore. In case the user cannot provide even this information, the system uses default values, typical for each metal and type of ore.

The calculated input and output data of each system along with the collected data of each are forming the data of the inventory database.

This software code, combined with the inventory database, can be used as an integrated tool able to relate all the inputs and the environmentally relevant outputs (products, wastes, emissions, energy) of alternative processing and waste disposal scenarios of various metals, aiming to improve recovery, minimize waste production and ensure safe and low risk disposal with minimum impact monitoring requirements

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