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Database and GIS integrated environmental and spatial data at industrial sites, environmental monitoring systems

Industrial partners used ArcView or MapInfo to integrate the already existing data and maps of the open-pit and underground mines, and other facilities around the mines into digital format. In more detail, these maps present the topography of the area (contours) and provide information on roads (main, secondary and dirt roads, trucks etc) conurbations (towns, villages), hydrology (torrents), regional geology, major tectonic features open-pit exploitations (excavation benches etc), crushing and beneficiation area infrastructure, transportation and loading points (conveyor belts, dock) on monitoring and sampling points. The information provided on mining production, mineral processing, as well as on financial provisions and energy input assisted in developing the LCIA data inventory. The information used in the inventory analysis design consisted of historical existing data integrated in digitised maps, meteorological data and those concluded by ground water, surface water and air quality measurements, employing monitoring systems.

The data collected during the LICYMIN project period covers all phases of production, from the early development to end-of-life of operations and gives a profile of the extraction activities as well as a waste and emission profile. Monitoring equipment has been employed, more specifically for measurements of water quality and flow rate and dust concentration at suitably defined points.

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