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LCA of alternative soldering techniques and LC impact assessment methodology

This result comprises 3 sub-results:

- LCA comparison of alternatives to lead-free soldering (deliverable 3D5)
- Methodology for LC impact assessment (deliverable 3D3) to input SIMAPRO database
- Assessment of the differences in the Japanese, Korean and European results (deliverable 3D7)

In the first sub-result, environmental impact of alternative soldering has been studied. The LCA is dominated by the impact of mining and refining of metals.
Energy consumption during solder application is relevant for reflow techniques.

Regarding the importance of finish application, this impact is irrelevant for immersion techniques.

The damage methodology results also from a cooperation outside EFSOT: the RECIPE project.

Resource depletion and toxicity of less known metals (as bismuth or silver) are being evaluated.

Exchanges with our Asian colleagues concern the impact assessment models as well as the LCA results. The comparison is not yet fully completed but minor differences might appear as climate, geology, energy data show differences.

Additionally, the project contemplates the compilation of the methodology and the data used for the study into a database that will be delivered to the EFSOT consortium.

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