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Standard test for whisker

This result consists of a proposal for a standard whisker test that was worked out in co-operation with standardization committees. The proposal is based on the results of the root cause research for whiskering.

The risk of whiskers (growth of tin needles on package leads and on solder joints) are increased with transition to lead-free soldering because of the high tin content in solders and finishes.

Techniques to prevent or reduce the formation of whiskers are important for the transition to lead-free electronic products. Understanding of whisker formation is essential to develop a globally accepted test.

Mechanisms that influence whisker formation for different substrates and lead-free product finishes have been studied and a model has been developed that explains observed phenomena quite well.

The proposals are currently under discussion in standardization committees. It is expected that the final version in IEC will be available in the second half of 2006. Discussions on the JEDEC standard are still going, but JEDEC shifts more and more into the direction of IEC. Accelerated tests are not yet available and will be a target for further research.

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