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Efficient global optimization methodology for virtual prototyping

One of the major aims of the MEVIPRO Project is to significantly impact the Product Development Process with the introduction of Virtual Prototyping methodologies that go beyond the product simulation stage but also include optimization techniques in order to produce products of better quality in faster development times. In fulfilling this we aimed at reducing the computational expense required to reach that. WP4 deals with the reduction on the number of Virtual Prototyping experiments required to reach an optimized product, while WP5 deals with the technologies that utilizing the results of the Virtual Experiments result in the best representation of the design space.

LMS International in co-ordination with the Technical University of Worclaw have developed methodologies to make the optimization on the virtual prototype level a reality. The Efficient Global Optimization (EGO) algorithm provides for a significant reduction in the time required to reach an optimized product, while maintaining the highest accuracy of the predicted optimum.

Beyond, LMS International has over the past eight years developed and promoted a commercial software package for applying optimization techniques on virtual prototypes. The software package OPTIMUS provides the user of simulation software with a number of methodologies to achieve optimized designs. The new EGO methods researched and prototyped as part of the MEVIPRO project will after further productization become a module of OPTIMUS and become commercially available. The product is marketed in the area of Mechanical CAE worldwide via our extensive Marketing and Sales organization.

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