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Quality improvements & product re-design

As a complement in Kitrons very strong service portfolio of quality analysis and reliability verification, in troubleshooting cases as for yield problems in running production and field return issues as an external service for customers or as an internal support for Kitron production sites.

Based on technical or legal aspects a product re-design might be necessary. In redesign and cost reduction projects saving material cost and/or enhancing yield. This can be offered as an external service for customers or as an internal support for Kitron production sites.

The service including use of methods and tools from the Mevipro project will be used in real customer cases. No other Scandinavian company competing with Kitron can today offer the added value of virtual prototyping.

The business potential is especially obvious in the automotive industry with more and more electronics in cars and vehicles and the accelerating requirements of high reliability. The Swedish automotive industry is very strong and Kitron have several coustomers among manufacturers of cars and vehicles as well as among the automotive components suppliers.

There is also potential in other high reliability application areas like defence electronics and medical electronics.

The end-users of this service can be found among Scandinavian product-owners and components suppliers as existing Kitron customers today using manufacturing and/or engineering services. There is a clear possibility for Kitron to expand business with existing customer and also attract new customers with the new service and added value.

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