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Thermo-mechanical optimisation of multi chip modules

Thermo-mechanical optimisation of Multi Chip Modules.

The MEVIPRO virtual prototyping methodology was applied on a Ceramic based Multi Chip Module having a large area dam & fill epoxy encapsulant. Thermo-mechanical FEM simulation provides a satisfactory prediction of geometric parameters such as module warpage.

The MEVIPRO approach leads to the main following potential benefits: design optimisation by selecting better material (thanks to better knowledge of the effect of material parameters), better specification of dimensional features (e.g.: warpage), process optimisation thanks to better knowledge of critical process parameters (e.g.: curing profile) as well as reliability improvement thanks to better material selection, optimised process and design.

In addition this approach should bring development lead-time reduction (development of new products based on similar packaging configurations).

The Virtual Prototyping methodology could be improved by taking into account the adhesion mechanisms and propagation of delamination (IZM results) to provide a better prediction of the thermo-mechanical reliability trends.

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