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Conditional GFP detection and sorting of progenitor

Two mouse embryonic cell lines were generated that have the potential to express the Green Fluorescent Protein GFP in a conditional manner. This means that using the Cre recombinase system of the phage P1, a specific cell type can be labelled with GFP, when a specific promoter for that cell type is provided to control Cre expression. The GFP was fused to the membrane portion of the GAP-34 protein, so that it is targeted to the cell membrane. From these two cell lines two transgenic mouse lines were also generated. These transgenic mouse lines allow also the conditional expression of GFP in living animals and provide a useful tool to label specific cell types or organs, when a specific promoter is available to allow Cre recombinase specific expression. For this purpose, our mouse lines should be crossed to transgenic mice that express the Cre recombinase under the desired specific promoter.

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