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A method for multiplexed analysis using paramagnetic beads

This labelling technique facilities multiplexed analysis even when the detection platform available is not capable of distinguishing between different label types, such as in the case of a magnetic sensor platform or a monochrome optical detection system. The principle of the approach is that the molecule linking the label to the target analyte can be selectively cleaved, so that when a mixed population of analytes are analysed in a multiplex reaction, the identity of analytes bound to capture molecules can be identified by sequentially cleaving the target analytes, using specific cleavage reactions that release only one analyte at time, thereby enabling the number of molecules of that analyte bound to the capture molecules to be calculated by extrapolation.

This technology can be considered as an enabling technology for a broad range of applications. It is intended to publish the results in peer a high profile peer-reviewed journal to ensure that this solution is available to accelerate the development of new sensing technologies, which are limited, by not being able to distinguish different types of analyte.

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BioSciences Institute, Univ. College Cork