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Comprehensive knowledge on the health of very preterm babies and medical practices related to their care in 10 European regions in Europe in 2003

The MOSAIC project provides high quality data on the health and care of very preterm babies in 2003. These data provide a benchmark for comparisons over time and over geographic zones for the MOSAIC regions and for the countries of Europe. Currently, comparative population data on these babies are not available. MOSAIC results document large differences in rates, mortality and morbidity of these babies in regions in Europe. Practices also differ greatly, with respect to caesarean rates and care at birth as well as care after birth (ventilation practices, surgery etc..). The study makes it possible to explore the reasons for these differences and to assess the efficacy of these different practices.

Furthermore, this research also underscored the large diversity in European countries with respect to ethical decision-making for these high risk babies. While these differences have been highlighted in previous EU funded work (the EURO-OBS and EURONIC projects), the MOSAIC project provides data on actual practices. Our data show that these values are associated with the survival of high risk babies, as well as other measures of outcome (for example, by limiting neonatal complications associated with risk of longer-term impairments). The recognition of these differences is essential in comparative assessments of outcome, since normative judgements, and thus corresponding objectives with respect to mortality and morbidity, vary by context.

END USERS OF THIS RESULT: Perinatal epidemiologists and other health researchers, clinicians working with very preterm babies

DISSEMINATION STRATEGY: presenting MOSAIC findings in regional, national and international scientific conferences and publishing MOSAIC findings in the scientific literature both internationally and within national medical journals in the MOSAIC regions.

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