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Protocols for studying the organization of care in Europe based on 2 validated questionnaires. These questionnaires can be improved, based on the results of the studies, and provided to other perinata

This result is 2 validated questionnaires that measure key indicators of organization for obstetrical and neonatal wards. To develop the questionnaires, a review of existing questionnaires available in European countries was first undertaken. Questionnaires were identified which included questions about the organization of neonatal and maternity units from the UK, France, Poland and from European studies (EURONIC and EUROOBS on ethical decision making). A review of the literature also identified key indications used for the study of the organization of maternity and neonatal care. Working groups on maternity and neonatal units were set up and met to discuss questions that were proposed by the research coordinator based on a review of the literature and previous studies.

These working groups identified questions that were not comparable across countries and specified the wording of other questions so that they would be as comparable as possible. These working groups contained representatives from each MOSAIC regions. It was also decided to add a section on ethical practices to questionnaires for both maternity neonatal units. Neonatologists and obstetricians, external to the MOSAIC consortium, but not included in the studies, were asked to complete the questionnaires in their final forms in order to ensure that the questions were clear.

These instruments are postal questionnaires that are filled out by the head of the neonatal and maternity wards (or someone designated by the head). The analysis of the data from these questionnaires made it possible to validate the items. An article is in preparation on these instruments to highlight indicators which can be reliably measured and to discuss indicators which are more difficult to compare across health systems.

END USERS OF THIS RESULT: Researchers interested in the organization of neonatal and obstetrical care. People implementing studies.

DISSEMINATION STRATEGY: Publication of an article on indicators of organization and collaboration with other research projects. A research project in Italy (the ACTION project) is already using the MOSAIC questionnaires. Another study in Belgium also used some of the questions from these questionnaires.

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