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Free (opensource) software: Fisheries Library in R (FLR)

FLR is a generic software framework for fisheries modelling and the evaluation of management strategies. The framework allows the creation of simulation models, which can be conditioned on a range of stock and fleet assumptions, through which current and alternative management strategies can be evaluated. The framework is able to explicitly include a variety of process and model uncertainty with respect to knowledge of the dynamics of fisheries systems, their response to management and our ability to monitor, assess and control them. This enables the development of advice that is robust to these sources of uncertainty. Currently the framework is being used to develop bio-economic models, multi-annual management plans and fishery independent assessment methods within a variety of EU Projects.

FLR has been developed using R, a free, open source, multi-platform, software environment for statistical computing and graphics. R provides many useful software tools and can be extended to include packages (i.e. libraries) which are of interest to particular groups. FLR is open source and all users have access to the code. This allows many developers from different projects, bodies or institutes with a variety of objectives to collaborate on coding. This helps in transparency, enables users to learn from each other and can speed up the process of validation and bug fixing. The development of additional FLR packages by users is strongly encouraged by the FLR development team.

The simultaneous collaboration of multiple developers on the same files within an open source environment is achieved using Concurrent Versions System (CVS). All changes are stored on a central server, the CVS repository, from which previous or current versions can be extracted. The FLR CVS project is currently located at:, where all modules are currently available and anyone can browse through the CVS tree. Details on how to checkout packages from the CVS repository can be found at:

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