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AnimationForge virtual forum

The AnimationForge website was designed and built to provide a "virtual centre" for "creative pull" artistic production using a virtual forum to foster collaborations between artists and technologists and to accumulate the technological outcomes.

This portal dedicated to cartoon animation and to the art of the movement promotes Open Source concepts such as open access, open production, open training and open engagement.

This website provides a forum where everyone interested in animation can place and swap information. This information could either be creative or technical, e.g. artistic concepts, pieces of artwork, practical tips, technological tools, software, etc.

The website comprises of two distinct parts, "a public part in which general information on animation topics is exchanged between the artistic and technical communities, and "a private project part, dedicated to the development of specific projects ideas enabling them a chance to grow into full productions. These projects benefit from the provision of a log book, a library (downloading zone accommodating all types of files), galleries and a private forum. These facilities encourage virtual teams to work together ubiquitously, while creative control can be maintained by the originator of the idea or delegate until the final production is completed.

Use of the results:
The Centre of Multimedia Product Support, the CNBDI department responsible for creating and maintaining the AnimationForge website, will soon be taking on a new role as the "Multimedia Technological Platform" during the creation and development of the new Angoulême "Campus of the image". It is planned to develop the AnimationForge website into a service which supplies hosted applications, dedicated to the requirements of narrative image (comic strip, cartoon film, real recording, video games and interactive media). The site shall gradually accumulate associated problems and preserve work from the aforesaid domains for users to browse. This shall evolve from the adoption of the Application Service Provider (ASP) model where users of this service are able to access the services and software they require remotely via the internet or any other network they are connected to. The user company pays for the right to access and use this service usually at a fixed monthly cost rate. All the data and software accessed is stored centrally on a remote server or servers.

Current stage of development:
The design of the AnimationForge virtual forum has matured over the last 2 years. Through testing and reviewing the site most of the common design faults were identified and rectified fairly quickly. By using both the public and private parts of the site to achieve project goals several design enhancements to improve the overall effectiveness of the website have been identified and implemented.

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