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EPDs as an input device

The result opens the road towards using an electronic, paper-like surface to be addressed the same way normal paper would be addressed. Written as well as drawn input are made possible, in a way sufficiently accurate for the "Custodiev" artist community to be satisfied with.

Strong interest exists for the technology to be applied in the area of text-input on electronic paper. It is generally viewed as a great asset to e-paper devices to implement this invisible mode of pen-input, and may well be a technology enabler in this sense.

Departing from the starting position of text-input, technologically the method is well suited for artistic use. Drawbacks mentioned at the end of the testing period mainly focus on the display size and pen characteristics. The best way to solve this in this new market is to create volume in a mainstream product, which will open the opportunity for artists to either adhere to the mainstream for an inexpensive, somewhat smaller product, or to opt for a more custom built product with the appropriate price tag.

In terms of size, the reader / written input device is expected to grow to approx. A4 size within several years, which was generally seen as adequate.

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