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PCOL: Personal arena network and community area network optimization Layer

Traditionally upper and lower layers of the OSI model have been implemented and integrated following independent paths. In order to make the user centric concept a reality, we think that by embedding a transparent layer just bellow the TCP/IP stack interacting with the wireless platform it can facilitate the realization of that concept. Furthermore, we do not constraint the interaction just to the IP layer but we extend it to the middleware, so providing the tools for the ambient intelligence.

In this sense, the PACWOMAN project introduces the PAN and CAN Optimisation Layer (PCOL) as an enabling technology, with three main functionalities:
Battery consumption optimisation, based on link layer considerations
Alleviating the impairments introduced by the multihop wireless scenario
Providing information to the ad hoc routing algorithms for achieving an optimised performance.

Furthermore, the PCOL, as an add-on functionality, will also support upper layers operation, in particular the middleware entity that could be partially responsible for achieving concepts related to location sensitivity, adaptive applications and application-level energy management. This goes in line with the Cross Layer Optimisation concept that is likely to play a fundamental role on the near future communication topologies and scenarios.

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