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Pseudo-Random-Postfix OFDM modulator robust for mobility

A new innovative SISO and MIMO Pseudo Random Postfix OFDM multicarrier modulation schemes hase proposed in order to be robust to the high Doppler present at high carrier frequencies such as 60GHz. This new modulation scheme is specifically designed to be robust towards mobility (channel variations). Two patents have been filed during the course of the project concerning this new modulator. The scope of application of PRP-OFDM is not restricted to 60GHz but applies at all frequencies and is well suited for lower bands for vehicular outdoor operations such as in IEEE802.11p or IEEE802.16a/b.

BroadWay has been the platform to demonstrate and validate through prototyping this approach by benchmarking against more conventional technologies such as Cyclic Prefix based OFDM schemes.

Moreover a complete baseband solution has been proposed and its parameters tuned for the use at 60GHz in full compatibility with the capabilities of the realistic WP4 analog front-end architecture.

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