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5/60GHz up and down converters MMICs

One major outcome of the BroadWay project is the design of all advanced MMICs for building up the 5/60GHz up and down converter. First path on the custom design of the various advanced MMIC blocks has been accomplished producing: single stage amplifier, two stage amplifier, two stage amplifier with double output stage, branchline mixer, branchline mixer with LO buffer amplifier, image reject mixer, ratrace mixer, ratrace mixer with LO buffer amplifier, LNA, multiplier (x4) a number of teststructures for process and design analysis using WIN InP process libraries. Useful and relevant experience has been gained with using the mHEMT process of WIN.

Moreover BroadWay has released a package of the 60GHz custom designed chips. The overall cost of the unit has to be kept as low as possible. This task combined with the fact that the unit is working at 60GHz is very difficult. In an attempt to reduce the cost and use the in-house available ‘pick and place’ machine we used completely different approach than before. All the RF components were located on one side of the unit and all DC components on the other. This reduces to minimum the RF leakage to the DC components and also helps during the assembly of the units. The unit itself was divided to compartments in order to reduce the internal RF leakage. As a part of the overall system BroadWay has to develop a low phase noise at 56GHz.

The only candidate for this was a PLDRO, which has to be multiplied after this to the required frequency. As will be seen in the next paragraph we succeed and developed a PLDRO, which could be integrated on the overall package. As a result Farran and TNO have new designs to be put available on their product catalogue (actually both the up and down converter are in the Farran’s catalogue at present).

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