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Standardization impact emerging mmwave task group IEEE802.15.3c

One of the key objective of BroadWay is to impact the standard bodies and increase the overall level of awareness for 60GHz short range communication systems. Two standardization paths have been explored for a landing zone for the BroadWay project: ETSI BRAN (Broadband Radio Access Networks) and IEEE802.15 for WPAN (Wireless Personal Area Networks).

After the joint presentation of last year to ETSI BRAN by Motorola and FT (from another RNRT consortium ComIndoor) for pushing at the ETSI BRAN level for the creation of an work item on 60GHz WLAN/PAN it has been decided not to pursue this path, since it was conflicting with CISCO interests and requirements to use this band for point-to-point directive transmissions which was not compliant with BroadWay WPAN system concept.

As a result a greater emphasis was put on the IEEE arena that is ruling for the moment the standardization of WLAN and WPAN solutions. Motorola has been key in the creation of a WPAN Millimeter Wave Alternative PHY Study Group 3c (SG3c) IEEE802.15: SG3c i.e. IEE802.15.3c (BroadWay european project mentioned by Siemens on the ieee web page:

Three presentations were made by Motorola at various IEEE802.15.3 meetings. Note that this study group should be transformed to a full task group during next year. The issue of this process will consist in a call for proposals for a new PHY layer at 60GHz followed by a down selection voting process to elect the proposal to be considered for standardization.

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