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Summer schools in ecology and biodiversity and long-term training of students

In 2003-2005, BIOTER Centre of Excellence organised three editions of an international educational course for students Summer Schools in Ecology and Biodiversity. The course combined expert, most up-to-date practical training in biodiversity, conservation, zoology and animal ecology in Białowieża National Park with lectures given by a group of European and Polish scientists. During three years, 253 students from 25 countries have participated. In total, 68 lectures were given by 49 lecturers (36 invited from leading EU scientific institutions and 13 from MRI PAS) and over 300 hours of field and laboratory training were conducted.

The Centre provided European students also with the opportunity to participate in long-term training at MRI PAS. During three years, a total of 128 students from 14 countries took part in the long term-trainings. The students participated in 13 research projects, attended a total number of 110 lectures and lab trainings. Additionally, MRI PAS published 3 books and a booklet as educational materials for students.

All evaluators pointed out the fact, that Summer Schools should be organised annually as a regular event, even after the end of the BIOTER project, and that long-term training should be continued. Unfortunately, none of the European funding sources were interested in financing such activities.

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Mammal Research Institute Polish Academy of Sciences
Mammal Research Institute Polish Academy of Sciences, ul. Waszkiewicza 1, Poland
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