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Opening a new research area - large-scale habitat analysis using Geographic Information Systems

The scope of the Centre has been increased by developing GIS laboratory. BIOTER researchers were provided with European perspective in understanding environmental changes. The attractiveness of the Centre for PhD students and young researchers was increased with the ability to conduct GIS analyses based on Pan-European Land Use and Land Cover Monitoring database (PELCOM), World Climate database, CORINE Land Cover database, digital maps of forest distribution from the General Management of State Forests database and a database on FPAR (Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation). The GIS laboratory at MRI PAS is a modern tool in wildlife research and conservation, elevating a scientific quality of the projects conducted at the Institute according to current trends in the world. A particular advantage resulting from developing the GIS laboratory is a possibility of its highly effective application in science, conservation and socio-economic matters as well as in education.

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