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Workshop on ungulate-large carnivore interactions and scientific network of excellence

Workshop entitled “Large carnivore impact on ungulates along a productivity gradient in European ecosystems” was held at the Mammal Research Institute in Bialowieza in 2-5 December 2004. The aim of the workshop was to gather available knowledge on predation of wolves and lynx on ungulates in various European ecosystems to increase our understanding of predator-prey relationships. Thirty six participants from 14 countries contributed to the Workshop.

During the workshop and afterwards, during two working meetings in Bialowieza, all contributors undertook following measures to strengthen further cooperation and fulfil the aims of the Work Package:
- Writing joint synthesis paper, co-authored by all workshop participants, to summarize existing knowledge and analyse the impact of various factors on predator-prey relationships, and creating a common database.

- Establishing a network of specialists in large predator - ungulate interactions in Europe. The network, created with participation of 78 researchers from 23 European countries, significantly improved the exchange of knowledge and data among researchers.

- Preparing proposals for joint research projects under the 6th EU Framework Programme.

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Mammal Research Institute Polish Academy of Sciences
Mammal Research Institute Polish Academy of Sciences, ul. Waszkiewicza 1c, 17-230 Bialowieza, Poland
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