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Standardization of nomenclature

The result concerns the development of a harmonised oil spill reporting system capable of integrating, storing and visualising available oil spill data.

A system was developed through assessment of current oil spill monitoring and reporting practices in co-operation with those organisations currently involved in this monitoring. Based on this assessment and co-operation, a standardised reporting nomenclature was agreed along with a system to store oil spill data and metadata.

Visualisation of the stored oil spill data was enabled using Geographic Information
System based web-mapping interface. The design and implementation of this harmonised oil spill reporting system is intended to optimise available information on oil spills, provide a tool for improving the understanding of the nature of the problem of oil spills and enabling the development of further analysis at pan-European level.

The first section of the standard nomenclature was designed to include details associated with detected oil slicks, the remaining sections relate to specific information on the satellite and aircraft used, along with details on the accuracy of this information. The nomenclature has been designed to have the potential to record significant detail on detected oil slicks (when available) along with metadata on the source and accuracy of that information. Inclusion of metadata was deemed crucial in order for the user to have some idea of the source and associated accuracy of the information involved.

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