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Dense overflow transport variability over the SE-Greenland slope

This project has maintained an array of 6 current meter moorings including temperature and salinity sensors, over the SE-Greenland slope at 64° N in the depth range from 1000 to 2500 m. It was designed to measure the transport-variability of water, heat and salt of the dense overflow, coming across the sill of the Denmark Strait and driving the North Atlantic overturning circulation. With these data a total of 18 years (10 years continuously) of overflow transports is now available for analyses of seasonal to interannual variability. A mean volume transport of 10.1 x 10^ 6 m³/s was analysed with an interannual variability of up to 30 %, but no trend over the period 1987-2005. Furthermore no obvious relationship between the Denmark Strait overflow and the Faroe Bank Channel overflow could be found.

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