Servizio Comunitario di Informazione in materia di Ricerca e Sviluppo - CORDIS

International coordination of programmes on Arctic-North Atlantic ocean fluxes

The overall aim of this project to measure and to model the variability of fluxes between the Arctic Ocean and the North Atlantic Ocean in order to understand the high-latitude ocean's steering role in decadal climate variability cannot be achieved on a regional basis.

It requires a study of the complete system of oceanic exchanges through the subarctic seas and therefore an international context was established with the following main successes:
- The three ASOF-EC projects (ASOF-W, ASOF-N and MOEN) were closely integrated among themselves and into the full international ASOF, including the relevant Northamerican projects and partners.

- ASOF-International was developed to the stage of full implementation and manages international thematic scientific meetings, a newsletter and a website.

- In anticipation of the upcoming International Polar Year 2007/9 a larger scale context for the ASOF-effort was achieved by compiling a Science Plan for a pan-Arctic integrated Arctic Ocean Observing System.

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