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Integration of multidisciplinary data sets to seismic hazard analysis, multidisciplinary seismic hazard assessment

The Integration of multidisciplinary data sets for seismic hazard assessment is performed using probabilistic and deterministic approaches. The final aim for these hazard studies is to implement the results in seismic risk assessment. To estimate the seismic risk in Istanbul, the ground motion simulation results are combined with the existing vulnerability functions for different building categories and damage maps are produced showing the distribution of collapsed buildings based on a scenario earthquake in the Marmara Sea (see RELIEF UiB Deliverable 27). Probabilistic seismic hazard assessments conducted for the region are not sufficient to account for the expected earthquake threat in this mega-city with more than 12 million inhabitants. Deterministic ground motion simulations based on complex multi-asperity fault rupture scenarios, give a more realistic estimate of the ground motions from a future large earthquake in the Marmara Sea.

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