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Planning in human/robot systems

This result solves the question of optimal activity planning in cooperating teams of entities. The central novelty of the approach stands in investigation of a robust planning technology for heterogeneous teams consisting of robots and human actors, sharing a joint task in a common environment. Combining diverse types of entities takes the advantage of having complementary properties (or abilities) provided by the entities itself, what seems to be efficient for the task solution. On the other hand, substantially different entities have also diverse constrains in their capabilities, which have to be taken into account by the discussed approach. Moreover, the suggested method incorporates the planning constrains in a flexible way, that can be extended to other features as well as modified in time.

The option of time-varying conditions supports the on-line re-planning, which allows modifying current plans to variations in the task setup or environment status. Although the search & rescue task has been chosen as a verification scenario and the research has been mainly focused on designing appropriate techniques for this scenario, the developed algorithms can be used in a wide range of applications. Typical application areas can include for example: planning of cooperative delivery of goods to customers, distribution of materials in a plant, food and medicine to patients in hospitals, planning for cooperative guarding or demining, etc. Moreover, the algorithms can be easily modified in order to plan routes for mowing with multiple machines, for cooperative cleaning, etc.

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