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The Ad Hoc routing framework

The Ad Hoc routing framework is a software package, which can support different Ad Hoc networks routing protocols, such as proactive, reactive and also some hybrid solutions. The Ad Hoc routing framework can be installed in a node (PDA or Laptop) that runs Linux Operating System. The framework has been designed in separate components with clearly defined interfaces. This allows an easy integration of these components and the possibility of adding new functionalities (new routing protocols and other functionalities, such as naming and service discovery). The framework provides general functionalities for both proactive and reactive routing protocols. The existing framework includes a reactive protocol (e.g. AODV) and a proactive protocol (e.g. OSLR). In order to test the framework implementation with constrained devices, in addition to laptops the framework is integrated into a small number of Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) nodes (iPAQ). The iPAQ is a mobile node where the operating system is has been changed to Linux.

The Ad Hoc Framework consists of four subsystems: the Common Cache Registry Server, the Reactive modules, the Proactive modules and the Hybrid modules. The Common Cache includes all the modules that must be kept constantly running in the node since they store routing information and other data used by the other modules. The Reactive modules consist of the software modules that implement the reactive routing protocols (e.g. in this case the Reactive module consists of the module that implements AODV). The proactive modules consist of the software modules that implement proactive routing protocols (e.g. in the actual framework the proactive modules contain only a software module that implements OLSR). Finally, the hybrid modules include all modules that will implement hybrid routing protocol such as ZRP. The four modules of the Ad Hoc framework consist of independent software components that implement specific routing protocols and store routing information into a single cache.

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