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MobileMAN prototype

By integrating of off-the-shelf HW and SW components with software modules we developed in the project, we obtained two prototypes of a campus-wide MobileMAN. One prototype implements a legacy (layered) TCP/IP architecture. The other prototype implements a cross-layer architecture. On both prototype we integrated a Whiteboard and a UDDI4m application.

By exploiting these prototypes, we performed extensive experimental evaluations that provided relevant indications on the performance of current ad hoc networking solutions. Specifically,
- We compared proactive (OLSR) and reactive (AODV) routing protocols on realistic testbeds;

- We performed a measurement-based analysis of Pastry and CrossROAD performance when running on mobile ad hoc networks;

- We experimented a medium size (up to 23 nodes with paths made up of up top 8 hops) ad hoc network implementing the architectures 1 and 2. Currently, this is one of the largest ad hoc testbeds implemented in worldwide research projects.

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Institute for Informatics and Telematics (IIT)
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