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PT and car sharing in Bremen (Germany)

Result description:
This measure is about integrating Public Transport and Car-Sharing by developing, launching and promoting a combined offer for those who use both modes of transportation. The combined offer has a financial and a technical aspect: PT-users get an attractive tariff when using the cars of the CS company. In technical terms the access to both mobility providers is enabled by an intermodal smartcard. The integration is further underlined by establishing common mobility centres (e.g. ITIC) in which the combined offer can be bought and information about other services of the mobility providers is available.

The new cards “AutoCard” and “Bremer Karte Plus” have been quite successful. In total, 625 cards have been sold since Aug. 2002. This makes up a proportion of 32.3% of all contracts with customers who joined cambio since then. Regarding the enlargement of cambio to Oldenburg the objective was to keep most of the 200 existing customers of the previous CSO.

Moreover the “AutoCard” should be sold at the new location. Most of the former customers were kept and in total 30 new contracts have been agreed with PT users (with new joint cooperation with the local PT-operator– the relatively small growth is due to the fact that in smaller cities like Oldenburg you have (absolutely and relatively) less PT users and particularly less regular PT users. Who are the end-users of this result? PT-users & Car-Sharing customers.

Main innovative features/benefits (technical/commercial success factors) The most innovative aspect of this measure is the development of a single double mode smartcard combining the PT smartcard electronic ticketing (contact smartcard) with the car sharing electronic car-key (contactless smart-card) - which is in fact a world first. In terms of the common tariff, the user groups of the combined offer are extended to students and irregular PT users. In terms of marketing, the co-operation of PT and car sharing has been advertised more intensively in the region to encourage commuters to change their mobility behaviour.

Market or application sectors & possible applications Car-Sharing and Public Transport have a lot of synergies, especially in urban areas. Car-Sharing is one of the few measures which address car-ownership in particular and thus has an impact on the demand for parking. Even though the success of further common products and marketing activities seems to be limited, in the long run measures of this kind cannot be underestimated. They underline the idea that a cooperation of different mobility providers can succeed in being a real alternative to private car use. For that reason they should be resumed.

The largest potential for Car-Sharing is in the urban areas, where in general we can find a good provision of Public Transport, and normally also good networks for walking and cycling. The development of Car-Sharing in the periphery and in the region needs special attention to user-needs and the conditions for cost-effective operation of Car-Sharing. Potential barriers This measure requires from the beginning the cooperation of two independent mobility providers and the City of Bremen. This is a potential conflict but in the course of VIVALDI the partners realised that they are in a win-win situation.

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